DiveRite Fins


DiveRite EXP Fins


Sometimes it's best not to mess with a tried-and-true original. The EXP Fin is retro - the original monoprene blend from the 1990's - and the best choice for a high performance blade required of tech divers. Identical in shape to our former fin, the EXP brings us back to the original monoprene blend that was so successful over a decade ago.

The EXP's monoprene blend offers the best balance of power to work ratio, providing efficient finning in high flow or stiff currents. They are stiff, yet with plenty of snap. Plus they are lighterweight than traditional rubber fins meaning legs and feet won't cramp even after miles of swimming.

The blade shape is designed for a wide variety of kicks, including frog kicks, modified flutter and power kicks. The 8 1/2-inch pliable spring-heel strap allows for quick donning/doffing. A comfort heel pad and convenient, removable pull tab adds to the ease of use.







ScubaMax Navigator Mask



ScubaMax Navigator Mask (Medium)

This popular two-lens silicone mask features our most complete color selection and versatility. It is one of few masks that fit most faces.

Optical lenses are available (product# OL-01) ranging from -1.0 to -8.0 and +1.0 to +4.0, with 0.5 increments.

Other key features include tempered safety glass lens, silicone skirt and a swivel, easily adjustable buckle system.








ScubaMax 5mm Mens Wetsuit



ScubaMax Men's Wetsuit

5mm Neoprene Full Suit
-Blind-seam construction
-Back entry with extra heavy YKK zipper and pull cord
-Arm and leg Glide Skin semi-dry gasket seals
-MaxFlex easy-move panels
-Smooth neck seal
-Reinforced rubber knee pads
-Ankle zipper for convenient entry and exit